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The sharing generation

The sharing generation has important implications for businesses and society as a whole. Companies that are able to tap into this trend and provide innovative sharing-based solutions are likely to be more successful in the years ahead.

Living in Belval?

Life in Belval is a unique experience that blends modernity and tradition, creating a perfect balance between work, leisure, and relaxation. With its proximity to the University of Luxembourg, Belval has become a hub for young professionals, students, and families who are looking for an affordable yet vibrant place to live.

Build-to-rent is the key

The build-to-rent model, also known as the BTR model, is a real estate development strategy in which developers build and operate rental properties specifically designed for long-term renting. Unlike traditional residential property development, where units are sold to individual buyers, build-to-rent developments are owned by a single entity or consortium, typically an institutional investor or […]


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